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Are you looking to add a personal touch to your loved one's funeral service? Would you like to browse through our merchandise? Maybe you want to learn more about planning your own funeral.  We've made all of this information — and more — available for you to explore in the comfort and privacy of your home.


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It's not unusual to feel lost and alone after losing a loved one. Our grief support programs can help you through this difficult time. Visit our Online Grief Resource Center here, or call us at 416-221-1232.

How do I know...


Even though death is expected, you may not be prepared for the actual moment it occurs. At the time of death:

  • There will be no response
  • There will be no breathing
  • There will be no pulse
  • Eyes will be fixed in one direction
  • Eyelids may be opened or closed 

The procedures followed prior to and after death by nurses, physicians and funeral directors will be different from town to town, and province to province. If your loved one is living with a terminal illness you should ask your physician and funeral director what the procedures are in your area.

If the death occurs at home and the person HAS been under the care of a physician, remember that this death is expected and no medical intervention will be required.  Do not call 911, the police or the fire department.  The doctor involved in the care of the dying person should be notified of the death. They are available to provide you with emotional support and certify that the death has occurred. 

If the death occurs at home and the person HAS NOT been under the care of a physician and the death is unexpected, then you MUST call 911. 

At the same time, it is necessary to call the funeral home to inform them that your loved one has died.  We will wait until the doctor/coroner has attended and pronounced death.  You may then spend as much time as needed with the deceased person. Do not be afraid to touch, hug or kiss the person. We will coordinate with you to attend at an appropriate time.

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