Family Assistance Program

R. S. Kane’s Family Assistance Program

Developed over 12 years ago to provide an even greater level of service to our families, the Family Assistance Program (FAP) continuously looks to improve. We have recently entered into an agreement with two organizations who have become experts in the field of estate settlement.

R. S. Kane now offers three (3) levels of Family Assistance Care;


          - a 30 minute telephone conversation with an associate from Peacehold gives them enough information to complete a detailed list of needs for your estate settlement and the many administrative tasks that lay ahead.  Our staff will then coordinate to meet with you to review the package which needs only your signatures, as the envelopes for over 200 possible organizations are already printed, stamped and ready for the mailbox.  This comprehensive service also includes one year of available telephone support and could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.   Perhaps the best service available to families.


            - this is more a hands on approach as you will be doing the printing and stamping, but the toolkit is an incredible resource of information and organization with which you can begin the arduous process of administering an estate.  Templates and contact information exist on the CD provided, meaning the leg work has been done for you, so once you have determined who you must contact all you need to do is print, sign and mail

3/ R. S. KANE

        - if you feel that neither of the above is right for you or within your budget, then our FAP representatives will start you on your way by assisting you with CPP applications as well as the cancellation of the Health and SIN Card.

Please don't hesitate to contact our office and ask for one of our FAP representatives if you have questions, or if you were recently served by another funeral home that did not provide this service.