More and more friends and families are having post funeral gatherings or receptions after the funeral.  We at the R. S. Kane Funeral Home want to make it easier for the families to make catering arrangements. We work with several firms that cater to our families for both large and small gatherings.

While we provide facilities at the funeral home as a convenience for families, some families will choose to hold their gathering in a familiar site such as a club or perhaps a residence. All of the caterers we work with can facilitate the catering in any location.  

Things to consider when speaking with a caterer

  • the number of people you estimate will attend as most costing is done on a per person basis 
  • type of food desired (sandwiches, squares, fruit, cheese, beverages)
  • provision of plates, serviettes, cutlery
  • terms of payment

At R. S. Kane, we provide two hostesses for each reception to ensure that your food and service are to your expectation.  We provide coffee, tea, cups, and of course set up your food to ensure it is properly presented.  Any food left over is packaged and given to you to take home.  If the food is unwanted then we make every effort to donate it.


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