At R.S. Kane we believe in the traditions surrounding the funeral, because experience has shown this to be an important time for the family and supporting community.  The recognition and celebration of a life lived is invaluable in the grieving process, not just for family but for friends and associates as well.    

Today, families have more choices than ever before in the type of service held for a family member.  Burial is simply one option for the final disposition and may occur in a preowned family plot, or the time may be appropriate to select a new location for the family.  Many people find comfort in having a place that they can visit.  

A member of the clergy or other person chosen by the family conducts the service. We encourage the active participation of the family in helping plan this part of the service. Many times family members take part by giving a eulogy, a reading, singing or assisting the clergy.

If the ceremony is held in a church then the traditions of that church are followed and honoured.