It is typical to use a complete outfit, including underwear, socks or stockings, and sometimes shoes if so desired.  We always appreciate a photograph for cosmetic and/or hair dressing purposes and dentures are important to ensure a natural appearance. 

For gentlemen, if a suit and tie is appropriate then by all means, however, if the person never wore one in life, then certainly more casual attire can be used.

For ladies, it is preferable to have full length sleeves and a conservative neck line.  If the person used a specific lip colour or nail polish colour then certainly it is helpful to bring in to be used.

Eyeglasses are important, as they help to maintain the appearance of the person we have come to know.  We like to donate glasses once they are no longer needed.

Jewelry is a personal decision.  It can be worn during visitation and service and then either left on or removed before the casket is closed.  We will most commonly see rings, earrings, and watches, which can be handed down to the next generation, removed.