In the middle of 2005, we introduced a new program which has been very well received by the families we are privileged to serve.  The Family Assistance Program, or FAP, as we call it, is perhaps the first of its kind. 

We have a trained staff member whose sole responsibility is to meet with every family we serve, anytime up to two weeks after the service.  During this meeting our FAP rep will assist the family with, at the very least, the following documents and applications.

  • Canada Pension Death Benefit Application (incl. Survivors and Dependant Benefits if applicable)
  • Notification of death to cease all payments including OAS and CPP 
  • Cancellation of Health Card
  • Cancellation of Social Insurance Card (this has become a very common area for fraud)
  • Cancellation of Drivers License
  • Provision of our 20 page Resource Guide which lists among other things the phone numbers of all major credit cards, the numbers to most of the pertinent Government Offices, tips and ideas for changing or rerouting mail, and the numbers to several organizations that will take away clothing or other unwanted belongings.

This program is offered at no additional cost. It is one more commitment that the R. S. Kane Funeral Home has made to the community and the families we serve in our goal to provide unequalled service.

Please don't hesitate to contact our office and ask for Mrs. Barbara Mondelli if you have questions, or if you were recently served by another funeral home that did not provide this service.