Traditionally, life insurance companies require only two forms to establish proof for a claim; (1) a statement of claim, and (2) a proof of death certificate from the funeral home.  Please remember that this is a general statement. Your insurance companies reserve the right to request further information or proof that they deem necessary.

When filing a claim form, you should have available the following information:

  1. The policy number(s) and the face amount.
  2. The full name and address of the deceased.
  3. His or her occupation and the last date worked.
  4. His or her date and place of birth and the source of the birth information.
  5. Date and place of death.
  6. Claimant's name, age, address, Social Insurance Number and date of birth.

(Cause of death may be required if there is a stipulation in the policy requiring this information.  If required, this information must be attained from the physician who signed the Medical Certificate of Death.)