The growing number of families opting for cremation has given rise to an ever-expanding section of urns in new and exotic types of materials. Many of these urns are best be described as works of art.

Some of the specialized urns that we offer are listed below.  There are many different kinds of urns on the market. If there is a particular style of urn you are looking for that is not among our selections, please let us know. We would be pleased to research the market to help you find the tribute you are looking for.

Floral Reflections
This hand painted pressed cotton urn has been specifically designed for scattering in the water.  The cremated remains are placed in the bowl of the urn, the hand painted cover is placed on and then the urn is set adrift.  Within 1-5 minutes the urn will become saturated, begin to sink and eventually allow the cremated remains to disperse naturally into the water.
Manufacturer: Batesville Casket Co.
Product Number: 100089

 The Eagle
This bronze urn is manufactured using the lost wax process, meaning each mold is new and every urn is unique.
Manufacturer: Batesville Casket Co.
Product Number: 100062

Angelic Presence
This acrylic urn is beautifuly detailed and is truly a piece of art.
Manufacturer: Batesville Casket Co.
Product Number: 100211

 Seasons Sundial
This authentic bronze sundial sits atop a non rusting aluminum base which functions as a family memorial for three.  This is perfect for cottage or garden, as it can be moved should the need arrive.  There is also a small plaque for name engraving.
Manufacturer: Batesville Casket Co.
Product Number: 100178