This unique opportunity is offered from R. S. Kane Funeral Home to you. The reminder service is an email which is sent to you 5 days prior to the anniversary of the death of the deceased. The next of kin may very much appreciate hearing from friends and this helpful reminder will give you notice to give them a call. You may submit to receive this service by following the steps below.

Take a look at an example of our Reminder Service.

Step 1. Select the Funeral Record of the deceased.

Step 2. Select 'Reminder Service' in the menu selection as shown below.

Step 3. Once the Reminder Service window appears (shown below), you may choose
            from 1 of 3 standard email messages.  By moving your mouse over the circle
            beside the message of your choice and clicking once, a black dot will appear 
            selecting the corresponding email message. Once you have selected an email
            message, select 'Activate Reminder' from the bottom corner of this window.

Step 4 .Once you have completed the above form you will be presented with an acknowledgment
            message (shown below) confirming the reminder service has been established.  From
            this window you may return to the funeral details of the deceased.