Hand crafted like fine furniture, each wooden casket has it's own unique graining pattern. The natural warmth and beauty of wood is available in a variety of types and species. The interior material of a wood casket is typically either velvet or crepe. 

The classification "hardwood" simply means that the wood comes from a leaf-bearing tree. "Softwood" comes from the needle or cone-bearing trees. Therefore, designation as a hardwood is not determined solely by the consistency or surface hardness of the wood itself, but the species of the tree from which it came. Cost can vary depending on whether the casket is constructed from solid wood or a furniture quality engineered wood.

It is important to remember that all wooden or cloth covered caskets are appropriate for burial and cremation.

The caskets shown below are a small sample of the available caskets in the Toronto market.  For more information and/or a more comprehensive list of caskets, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be pleased to work with you to find something that is appropriate for your family and keeps within your budget. 

Pembroke Cherry
Solid Cherry, available as displayed or with a full opening and a foot panel included
Manufacturer: Batesville Casket Co.
Product Number: 148229

 Sacrament Maple
This Maple casket has Last Supper hardware and has a Champagne Velvet interior
Manufacturer: Batesville Casket Co.
Product Number: 205158

Woodbridge Pecan
Pecan casket with Champagne Velvet interior, a Memorysafe for mementos and notes, and Lifesymbol corners allowing the casket to be personalized.
Manufacturer: Batesville Casket Co.
Product Number: 205156

Poplar casket with a tan crepe interior
Manufacturer: Victoriaville Casket Co.
Product Number: 50-5470-00