Memorial Candle Tribute From
R. S. Kane Funeral Home
"We are pleased to provide this Book of Memories to the family."
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In Memory of
Herbert Spencer
- 2005

Memories shared for Generations

Through the support of the Memorial Candle Program, the powerful Book of Memories™ is designed to allow a permanent online memorial that family and friends can share, update and visit for generations.

If you are the legal next of kin and have not yet received a username or password from your funeral director, please speak to them.

If you would like to request a password directly, please click "Request a Password" below and follow the steps. For authentication purposes, we will require appropriate verification.

Please note: We track all IP addresses to avoid any unauthorized login attempts.

Password Request Form

The username and password is only provided to the next of kin. The next of kin will have the ability to assign multiple logins to other family members at their discretion.

If you did not receive a username an password from your funeral director, please fill out the request form below.

You have indicated that you are the legal next of kin for {NAME} whose services were conducted at {funeral home name}

We will contact you to verify your information, and may require you to email us additional information, such as:

  • A copy of the Proof of Death Certificate as provided by the funeral home indicating you as the next of kin
  • A copy of Government Photo ID issued in your name

Upon verifying your information, your username and password will be forwarded via email.

Any information you provide us is specifically for use in verifying that you are the rightful recipient of the login information and will not be shared with anyone else. Once verified, any documents you send us will be destroyed.

Password Request Success

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Memorial Candle FAQ

Q: Are the candles real or simply virtual (online) images of support and tribute?
A: The Memorial Candles are online representations of love and tribute only. No physical candle will be lit in memory of a loved one.
Q: I'm not sure what to do, I have purchased a candle and there is a spelling error.
A: Please contact the funeral home; they will be able to correct this for you.
Q: I bought a Memorial Candle and I entered a message, but I must have typed too close to the edge. The message is missing several words and I don't know how to add them.
A: This is most likely due to your screen resolution. The minimum system requirement is 1024 x 768 pixels.
Q: I have made a mistake on my Memorial Candle purchase. Can I just call someone to ask them a question?
A: FrontRunner Professional is an industry leader with technology in the Funeral Industry. We treat all email correspondence with higher priority than any phone call. All of our staff members carry Blackberry devices to ensure that we are connected to the business 24/7, just like our customers. With that said, FrontRunner Professional services many funeral homes, and families during their time of need, and in order to keep our staff level with in reasons, we request only email correspondence for any questions that you may have. Please email
Q: I purchased a candle and was charged four times. Three times I received a rejection notice but my credit card company told me it went through.
A: This is due to InternetSecure, the credit card processing company that FrontRunner Professional has retained for all internet credit card transactions, declining your transaction. Even though your credit card company may have approved, the transaction still has to be approved by both companies. Your credit card will show the transactions, however they will be refunded, and showing on your statement, within 72 hours of the transaction attempt. Please Note: FrontRunner Professional DOES NOT process any credit card transactions, and there are no funds deposited to our accounts unless approved by both the Credit Card Company and InternetSecure.
Q: I am trying to purchase a candle online but am having trouble getting it to take my credit card. I checked with my bank and they said my card is fine.
A: Please make sure that all information you enter is exactly the same information that is accompanied with your credit card. The name, address and phone number have to be the same as your credit card statement. If your credit card is a VISA and you have entered the information correctly your card may be refused because it is not set up as being verified by Visa. This is a security feature that has been implemented by Visa and you should speak directly with Visa rather than your bank.
Q: I would like to purchase a Memorial Candle but I do not have an e-mail address and therefore am unable to continue on with entering information.
A: You can purchase a Memorial Candle without a valid email address; however your Purchase Receipt will be emailed to the address that you enter. Perhaps you could enter a friends/family email address and they could provide you a hard copy of the receipt. Please Note: All information that you enter to purchase a Memorial Candle is NOT distributed or used to send you mass online solicitations. At FrontRunner Professional we understand that your data is very important to you and we have the highest level of online security in place to keep that information safe.
Q: I ordered the wrong candle. I really would like to change my order. Is there any way to do so?
A: In order to modify your Memorial Candle, we will need you to email the following information - Funeral Home Name - Deceased Name - Date of Purchase - Receipt Number - Your Name - Your Email Address After we have received this information, your Memorial Candle will be changed and confirmed within 2 business days. Your refund may take up to 72 hours to show on your credit card statement.
Q: I wanted to know how long it takes for my candle message to be viewed. I ordered one this morning but I am not sure if I did everything correctly to ensure that it was successfully processed.
A: The message will appear as soon as the transaction gets processed, or once you receive your payment receipt. If you do not receive a payment receipt, then your transaction has not gone through.
Q: My message did not appear on the candle. Why not?
A: You may need to clear your internet history or cache from your web browser. You can do this by hitting the F5 key on your keyboard, and if that doesn't work you will need to delete your history. Since many browsers are different in the process of deleting history, please review their help documentation if you need help.
Q: The website will no longer provide me with information because it indicates our monitor resolution is not good enough to continue so that we cannot access the information regarding those being waked from your establishment. What should I do?
A: We are the technology company that builds and maintains the tools for websites. We have recently upgraded all of our funeral home websites to thenew Book of Memories™ program that you recently used. The reason that you are having an issue with the new Book of Memories™ is that we have placed a minimum screen resolution to see the Book of Memories™ perfectly at 1024 x 768 pixels. You would still be able to use the book with any lower resolution; you just may not see the page perfectly as it was designed with those lower resolutions. With that said, you can change your resolution to meet the requirements. Here is the link to a website that provides step by step instructions:
Q: I have received a payment receipt but my candle is not showing. What do I do?
A: Please email info@memorialcandlesupport.comthe following information: - The name of the funeral home - The name of the deceased - The payment receipt number - The exact name on the credit card which was used to purchase the candle The support team will do their best to handle this issue quickly. They will email you upon resolution – or if they have any additional questions.
Q: Will the credit card information that I provide to purchase a candle be given/sold to any third parties for promotional purposes?
A: FrontRunner Professional does not gather or store any credit card information. The secure online page where you enter your information is a secure site managed by InternetSecure, a VeriSign registered company. They have the highest standards of security and privacy on the Internet. All of the information gathered is highly encrypted and is not stored, sold or divulged in anyway other than to approve the transaction with your respective credit card issuer.
Q: Why does my credit card continue to decline?
A: There are many reasons why a credit card transaction may not be approved. The most common reasons are incorrect card number, the cardholder was unable to correctly enter their password, the expiry date is incorrect, the address does not match your credit card statement, your card is blocked for e-commerce use, or the cardholder has exceeded or is close to their credit card limit. Please contact your credit card provider to find out why your card is being declined.
Q: I forgot to add my condolence message, how do I go back and do that?
A: If you have not cleared your cache or disabled the cookies on your computer, you should be able to open up where the condolences are and modify the condolence. If you do not see this option, please contact the funeral home and they will be able to make the change for you.
Q: Am I only able to make one purchase per day with my credit card?
A: You are able to do five transactions on the same card in a 24 hour period.
Q: Is the family notified or kept up-to-date and informed on the latest memorials purchased?
A: This is between the funeral home and the family whether or not the family is notified. It is up to the family how many times they go through their loved ones Book of Memories™. The family also has the option to be notified via email of any new updates.
Q: Are there hidden fees?
A: No, there are no hidden fees. FrontRunner Professional, Inc. has only received the amount you paid for the candle purchase and any other additional fees must have been generated by your credit card provider or your financial institution.
Q: I am trying to light a Memorial Candle but no longer see the option to light a candle indefinitely I only get options to light candles for a maximum of three years. Can I still light one that will stay lit eternally?
A: Given the increasing annual cost of maintaining these records, it was deemed that supporting a record in perpetuity with the potential of just one "eternal" Memorial Candle lit, it unintentionally undermined the intent. By placing a fixed time of the collective candles lit, it allows the public to support the process and provide the revenues needed to offset the costs involved. Because there have been "eternal" candles lit on records prior to this policy change, we have decided to allow additional "eternal" candles on these specific records. Please email info@onlinefuneraltributes.comafter you have lit the candle and we will manually go in and change its status to an "eternal" candle.
Q: I have multiple charges on my credit card, but am receiving a payment receipt showing a declined transaction. Why am I being charged?
A: InternetSecure is trying to approve your transaction, but your credit card company is declining the transaction. This is usually due to incorrect information during the purchasing process. Please make sure you have the exact address information entered that appears on your credit card statement and the name appears exactly how it shows on your credit card. You will receive the credit back to your credit card. That process takes a couple of business days.

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