The Take Heart Bereavement Support Program, sponsored by R.S. Kane Funeral Home and Hospice-Thornhill, has been in operation since 1996. It is offered to our families and to the community at large, at no charge. The service is designed to help make the journey through grief a little easier. This is not grief therapy; however, participants of groups have found that grief shared is grief made more bearable. We are encouraged by the interest shown in this program.

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Groups give the opportunity to talk with others who are experiencing the sorrow, pain and loneliness experienced after the death of someone loved. They take place several times a year with each session lasting for six weeks. Facilitators of the groups understand, and can explain, the feelings of loss. Their knowledge has been acquired through education, personal loss and, more importantly, from being companions of and listening to the real experts, those who grieve.

Companionship is provided through telephone follow-up and by one-to-one visits in the library at the funeral home.


Every Tuesday between 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. the Hospice-Thornhill office, at
18 Centre Street, Thornhill is a safe place to come for a support booster and a cup of coffee. Participants drop in and stay for a few weeks; drop out for a short time and then drop in again. It meets many needs along the journey through grief. There are neither attendance requirements nor registrations. If a grieving person needs to know that he or she is “normal,” this is a great place to come. If she/he wants to talk about being ready to live again, we love to know that. These walls have absorbed everything - laughter and weeping - and they keep their secrets.


For Adults grieving the death of parents children and teens grieving the death of parents, grandparents and siblings.

We are pleased to suggest names of professionals in areas of bereavement to those who request these services.


We are privileged to respond to requests from clubs, churches and schools, to provide information on the grieving process and ways of helping those who grieve.


Each May, the “Kane Day Take Heart Bereavement Seminar” offers an opportunity to the community to learn from experts in the field of grief and bereavement. Past presenters have been Mr. Doug Manning, Dr. Robert Buckman and Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt.

In December, our “Surviving The Holidays” booklet is mailed to all families served by R.S. Kane during the year. Should you wish to obtain a copy, please drop into the funeral home in early December.


Remember a loved one by placing an angel on the Memory Tree and signing the Book of Memories. This healing ritual has become a meaningful event in the lives of those who have made, or continue to make, the journey through grief.

For further information on the Take Heart program and on up-coming events, please call (416) 221-1232.

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