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Are you looking to add a personal touch to your loved one's funeral service? Would you like to browse through our merchandise? Maybe you want to learn more about planning your own funeral.  We've made all of this information — and more — available for you to explore in the comfort and privacy of your home.


Helping You Grieve

It's not unusual to feel lost and alone after losing a loved one. Our grief support programs can help you through this difficult time. Visit our Online Grief Resource Center here, or call us at 416-221-1232.

Pre-Planning and Payment Options

Most people see great value in wise estate planning to secure a comfortable future. Great thought is put forth coordinating with lawyers, life insurance brokers and estate planners to establish wills, life insurance policies and pensions. This planning is not complete without meeting with a funeral director to discuss options and financial decisions about funeral arrangements.

3 Important Reasons to Pre-Plan a Funeral

• Your specific wishes are recorded and fulfilled
• Your family is not left to make difficult decisions at the time of your death and try to guess what you would have wanted for final arrangements
• You are able to include others and make the final decisions unclouded by emotion.

Pam Hunt
Preplanning Funeral Director

The pre-arranged funeral is an opportunity to carefully plan for an orderly and inevitable conclusion to life. By doing so, peace of mind is just one of the benefits, not only for the individual for whom the arrangements are being made but more importantly for the survivors.

There are pamphlets and brochures that will tell you there are over 90 difficult decisions to be made at the time of death.

Ask anyone who has experienced the benefit of a pre-planned funeral and they will tell you how glad they were "that the funeral was pre-arranged" and relieved "that everything was paid for in advance."

New funding and investing options are allowing people to make decisions and pre-payments that before were not previously available to them. As always the entire funeral can be pre-paid in advance, however, there are also time payment plans that allow you to spread the payments over a period of time to fit your budget. The reality is funeral costs will continue to increase in the future. You can eliminate the concern of affordability by pre-paying the funeral in advance. You can benefit from today's lower prices, as your investment will protect you from future inflation.

Our Pre-planning Funeral Directors can meet with you in the comfort of your home or here at the funeral home to discuss your options.

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