Privacy of personal information is an important principle to the R. S. Kane Funeral Home. We are committed to collecting, using and disclosing personal information responsibly and only to the extent necessary for the goods and services we provide. We will be open as to how we handle personal information. The following describes our privacy policies.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information is information about an identifiable individual including, but not limited to, that which relates to their personal characteristics ( e.g. gender, age, home address, phone number, ethnic background ), their cause of death, or their activities or views ( e.g. religion ). Personal information is not to be confused with professional information which is not protected by privacy legislation.

Who We Are.

Our firm, R. S. Kane Ltd., operating as the R.S. Kane Funeral Home, providing funeral and related services employs approximately 30 people on a full time basis each of whom adheres to and is incorporated in our Privacy Policy. We do use external agencies that may in the course of their duties, have limited access to personal information we hold or are gathering. These include MacKinnon & Bowes, Toronto Funeral Coach, Fortis Benefits Insurance Company, Funeral Plans Canada, Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Canada, and our software provider, Infinite Design. We restrict their access to any personal information we hold as much as is reasonably possible, and we have their assurance that they follow appropriate privacy principles.

We Collect Personal Information. Primary Purpose

Like all funeral homes, we collect, use and disclose personal information in order to serve our clients.

For our clients, the primary purposes for collecting personal information are as follows: to complete and handle accordingly all forms necessary to register the death with the government, provide the estate with forms necessary to conclude the settlement of the estate, including pension, and or insurance forms. To provide sufficient information to related services such as cemetery, clergy and church to allow them to carry out their requested duties. To gather sufficient information as to safeguard R.S. Kane and ensure that we are dealing with the appropriate legally responsible individuals, charged with the responsibility for making funeral arrangements, and to assist us in the collection of payment. To assist people in making funeral arrangements in advance of need and if requested to properly deposit prepayment funds in accordance with the Funeral Directors and Establishments Act.

Examples of the types of information we collect for these purposes include the following: Name, home contact information, identification number (incl. Credit card, S.I.N.), insurance benefit coverage, gender, age, ethnic or country of origin, marital status, occupation, religion, credit data, employment status, marital status.

For the general public, our primary reason for collecting personal information is for an individual acting as a consignee if a decedent is being shipped to another location. We may also gather information on an individual responsible for the payment of the account if he or she is not the primary person.

Examples of the types of information necessary include: name, home contact information, and credit card information.

For contract staff, such as temporary staff, volunteers, and students, the primary purpose for collecting personal information is simply to have a current means of contact as well as ensuring we maintain appropriate employee files, and that any such individuals would be included in our insurance coverage for liability reasons.

We Collect Personal Information. Related and Secondary Purposes

Purpose 1 - We collect sufficient information to invoice clients for goods and services not paid for at the time, and to collect unpaid accounts. We may therefore collect Employment Information, the SIN and Drivers License number of the responsible person as well as conducting a credit check. This would be done only with those who have not paid for the account at the time of arrangements or who have paid with a personal cheque.

Purpose 2 - We collect sufficient information to provide families with information on funerals and the benefits of arranging prior to need, as well as providing families assistance with the settlement of the estate. This is information that we would not maintain in our records, but simply use to assist the client.

Purpose 3 - Our organization and all its professional employees are regulated by the Funeral Directors and Establishments Act who may randomly inspect our files and/or interview our staff as part of their regulatory duties. Also, like all organizations, various government agencies (e.g., Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Information and Privacy Commissioner, Human Rights Commission etc.) have the right to review our files and interview our staff as part of their mandate. This does not require the gathering of any previously unattained information.

Purpose 4 - The cost of some goods and services provided by our organization to clients is paid for by third parties (e.g., government funding). These parties often require your previous consent or authority to collect and disclose certain information in order to demonstrate entitlement to this funding.

Purpose 5 - Often, well after our services have been provided, clients will require ongoing assistance or information from our files. We maintain our records indefinitely in order to be able to provide assistance, but require no further information to provide this service.

Purpose 6 - It is our intention to install a video security camera strictly to safeguard our staff, premises and records. The images would be maintained for only 24 hours, and the information is not used for any other purpose.

Purpose 7 - Financial information from files would be reviewed if the organization were being sold. The purchaser would conduct due diligence to ensure the authenticity of value. It would strictly involve the review of accounting and business files.

Protecting Personal Information.

We understand the importance of protecting personal information. For that reason, we have taken the following steps:
- staff have been trained to collect, use and disclose only that which is necessary to fulfill our duties or as described in this policy.
- paper information is maintained in a non public area.
- paper no longer needed containing information is shredded.
- all computer stations require a password as does the network
- documents are transmitted in sealed, addressed envelopes or boxes
- electronic information is sent through a direct line, or is anonymized or encrypted
- computers and files that can reasonably be locked in a restricted area are maintained in such a manner

Retention and Destruction of Personal Information

We have a responsibility under our regulatory act to maintain financial records and goods and services contracts for a minimum of 10 years. We keep our client files indefinitely as described previously. We shred all paper documents, and destroy electronic information by deleting it. When computer hardware is discarded, we ensure that the hard drive is physically destroyed.

Access, Correction, Complaints and Openness

Within case by case limitations, individuals can access the personal information about themselves held by R.S. Kane. We require confirmation of identity prior to access being given. We will restrict access only if it is impossible to separate this information from that of a third party.

We make every effort to ensure that the information provided and maintained is correct, and therefore will cooperate in making any changes necessary once proof has been provided. This applies to statistical information only. If a change is requested as a matter of convenience then we will not alter our original records.

This policy is available on our website, and can be attained in our business office upon request. Each client will see a condensed version prior to entering into any contractual agreements.

Our Information Officer, Mr. John Kane can be reached at the Funeral Home to address any questions or concerns you may have. If you wish to make a formal complaint about our Privacy Policy, you may do so in writing to Mr. Kane. Your letter will be acknowledged and it will be investigated promptly and thoroughly, prior to a written response.


The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Canada
112 Kent Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 1H3
tel. 613.995.8210/ toll free 1.800.282.1376/ fax 613.947.6850

General Consent

To Those We Serve. We want your informed consent. This means that we want you to understand the services we provide, the costs involved and what we do with personal information that we gather.

Consent for Personal Information

I understand that to provide me with goods and services, R. S. Kane Funeral Home will collect some personal information about me such as address, phone number etc.

I have reviewed the R. S. Kane Funeral Homes Privacy Policy about the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, steps taken to protect the information and my right to review my personal information. I understand how the privacy policy applies to me and have been given a chance to ask questions.

I understand that I will receive follow up calls and information to assist in the estate settlement, notices regarding seminars or special seasonal services, and other cards or announcements.

I agree to R.S. Kane Funeral Home collecting, using and disclosing personal information about me and the decedent as set out in the Privacy Policy.

Signature ______________________________ Date _________________________

Printed Name ________________________________________

Additional Comments______________________________________________________

Website Privacy Policy

At RS Kane Funeral Home, we understand that privacy is an important issue for visitors to our web site ( The following information is designed to help visitors understand what information we gather from our site, and how we handle the information once we gather it.

Personal Information Collected on this Web Site

All Neo & RS Kane Funeral Home collects personal information that site visitors provide when they complete any online form, application, or survey.

Information provided in a request for service or information is forwarded to a RS Kane Funeral Home affiliate or agent that will respond to the request.

All Neo & RS Kane Funeral Home may contact visitors who have submitted a request for additional information about the request.

RS Kane Funeral Home is the sole proprietor of all data files gathered and does not rent or sell visitors' personal information to non-affiliate companies without the consent of the visitor.

Site Visitorship Data Collected on this Site

All Neo & RS Kane Funeral Home uses aggregated site visitorship data to improve the content and services offered to its site visitors. All Neo & RS Kane Funeral Home reports site visitorship data on an aggregate, anonymous basis, which means no personal information is associated with it. This data can include:

How many people visit our site;
The pages they visit;
How long they stay on our site; and
The domain name of the site visitors are connecting from ( for example)

All Neo's Use of Cookies

"Cookies" are small text files that a Web site transfers to a site visitor's hard disk or browser for added functionality, or for tracking Web site usage. We do not use cookies to gather personal information like a person's name or e-mail address. In order to measure the effectiveness of our online presence, All Neo uses cookies to identify repeat visitors to our Web site, to determine the path visitors take on our site, and to identify visitors who came to RS Kane as the result of a link on a third party Web site. Any information gathered by the use of cookies is compiled on an aggregate, anonymous basis.


When visitors submit information using one of our online forms, All Neo uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to protect the information they submit. This technology protects visitors from having their information intercepted by anyone other than All Neo while it is being transmitted. All Neo & RS Kane Funeral Home work hard to ensure that our systems are secure and that they meet industry standards. Where appropriate, we employ firewalls, encryption technology, user authentication systems (e.g., user names and passwords) and access control mechanisms to control access to systems and data.


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