Chi Ko 高志先生

Obituary of Chi Ko 高志先生

爸爸於1929年3月1日在廣東省番禺市大石出生。在他十五歲時有機會到香港,之後在酒樓做學徒,三年後成為中餐師傅。二十六歲和妻子陳月梅結婚 ,養育五名子女,共有三男二女,繼續奮鬥,刻苦耐勞,給兒女供書教學,期間做小生意起家。

有好機會,將大兒子送往加拿大深造,學業有成,帶領一家人移民到加國 。他隨後再入老本行,其後做生意,又再次有奮鬥的雄心,生意由小到大。1989年經營唐人街太平洋酒樓,十年之多。兒女學業有成,長大成人,各人結婚、生兒育女,他就退休安亨晚年及享受兒孫滿堂之福。





處世樹為模 根穩任由枝葉動

人生錢作樣 內方還要外方圓




Papa was born in 1929 in Panyue District, China. When he was fifteen years old, he was given an opportunity to move to Hong Kong where he learned to be a chef. Once he established himself, he went back to China to find a bride. He met his wife Yuet Mui Chan there and brought her to Hong Kong where their five children were born.

Papa was a true leader; a very kind and compassionate man. One day, one of his coworkers lost one hand while on the job and was let go by the employer. Papa spoke up on his behalf but lost his own job in the process. At the time, he had a wife and five little ones to feed but he stood up for what is right and in so doing, taught us to stand up for the hurting.

Papa taught us to value family and hard work. He did his best to keep the family together. He worked hard to save enough money to send (his eldest son) to study in Canada. When the opportunity came, he took the rest of the family to Canada where he started a restaurant business. Papa was an entrepreneur; he used the skills he acquired as a chef, to open restaurants in Hong Kong and in Canada.

About two years ago, when Papa suffered a minor stroke, he started to open up to Jesus. He listened attentively to the stories about Jesus, especially about his miracles of healing the sick and feeding of the five thousand. At dinner time, he would often remind us to say grace before we started eating. So it is no surprise that when he suffered a brain injury a few weeks ago, he was willing to accept Jesus and be baptized. Even up to his last days, Papa continued to show us what it means to be selfless and how to leave a good legacy to future generations.

Papa, thank you for the beautiful legacy you have left us. Thank you also for the beautiful memories: your amazing green thumb that miraculously caused our plants to come back to life, your gorgeous dahlias that was the envy of the neighbors, the pound cakes you could whip up in the blink of an eye. Papa, we love you and we will miss you.